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-Donny Osmond-

"Health and wellness is very important to me, and The Strength Center's expertise of personal fitness kept me in the best possible shape to compete in, and ultimately win 'Dancing With The Stars'. I was able to keep up with kids half my age and I'm thrilled with my winning results."


-Gracie Chirieleison-

"At the age of 62, I found myself overweight and out of shape.  I was working out occasionally, but had become lax in any exercise I attempted. Eventually a simple task as bending over to tie my shoe laces became a struggle.  That is when I decided enough was enough.  I had to get serious about my well being and my health.


I walked into the Strength Center, and was a little intimidated with the gym and its equipment.  The Strength Center team put my mind at ease and I started private sessions with Adam.  After talking with me and keeping my goals in mind, Adam continuously increased the difficulty of my workouts and ensured the difficulty of the workouts challenged me but were achievable.  Within a few months I began to see positive changes in my body and physical fitness.  I had gained muscle, strength, and more energy. I lost 23 pounds and any pain in my knees, shoulder, and neck disappeared.  I thought that at my age the results would be limited.  I was wrong, and the gains I made in a few months were incredible.  I started taking classes and am now able to keep up with everyone and I look forward to every class. 


If positive results are what you are looking for, then the Strength Center is the place for you.  The trainers are definitely top notch and provide great results!!

-Ivan Garcia-

"The Strength Center Team has assisted me in improving my life physically and mentally ever since Coach Jack started training me. It has almost been three years, and looking back now I have become someone that I could not have imagined. My outlook on exercise has morphed from a burdensome chore and into an essential activity to happiness. Thanks to the guidance that the entire Strength Center team has bestowed upon me, I have been able to achieve my goals and the life that I desire."

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